What is Olympic and
Paralympic Education?

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Five mindsets we strongly want to nurture in children〔1〕

Volunteer spirit

Through the activities to “support”,
acquire the volunteer spirit such as willingness to
contribute to society or consideration for others,
and at the same time increase the feelings of
self-esteem of children.

Five mindsets we strongly want to nurture in children〔2〕

Understanding for the people
with impairments

In order to realize an inclusive society where people
live together irrespective of impairments,
a barrier-free mindset of respecting diversity
and understanding impairments is instilled among
children through studies and experience of
understanding people with impairment
or through exchange with people
with impairments.

Five mindsets we strongly want to nurture in children〔3〕

Aspiration for sports

By allowing children to experience various kinds of sports,
develop the mindset of fair play and teamwork,
and let them grow into a people who are healthy
both physically and mentally.

Five mindsets we strongly want to nurture in children〔4〕

Five mindsets we strongly
want to nurture in children

Allow children to have self-awareness and pride
as a Japanese citizen by allowing them to fully
understand the good parts of Japan and
Tokyo, and by learning and acquiring
normative consciousness,
public-mindedness, etc.

Five mindsets we strongly want to nurture in children〔5〕

Rich international senses

Foster the mindset to try to actively
communicate with people around
the world and cultivate profound
international senses to develop
the ability to accept the diversity
of the world.

Olympic and Paralympic Education in Tokyo
Promotion Movie

Tokyo 2020 Games Participation Website

The Tokyo 2020 Games are important once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for children. These are some ways children have been directly and indirectly involved in the Tokyo 2020 Games through activities to watch, experience, interact and support.

Four projects

School Action "Mottainai" Plan
School Action “Mottainai” Plan ~Tokyo 3Rs Project~ is an environmental activity implemented by each school as the Tokyo 2020 Games draws near and environmental-conscious activities are increasingly expected of the society as a whole. Each school applies the previous efforts and the children themselves set specific action objectives on the 3Rs.
Olympic and Paralympic Education Awards
In order to further promote Olympic and Paralympic education, schools and kindergartens etc. that have performed excellent Olympic and Paralympic programmes such as organizing advanced and distinctive activities systematically are awarded under the "Operation Promotion Category" and "Environmental Category".
Olympic and Paralympic Textbook
This was created with the purpose of teaching and spreading a correct understanding of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit, sports (Olympic sports, Paralympic sports, and para sports), culture (Japanese culture, international understanding and international exchange), the environment, and other fundamental content related to the Olympics and Paralympics.
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