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School Action
"Mottainai" Plan

What is School Action "Mottainai" Plan ~Tokyo 3Rs Project~?

School Action “Mottainai” Plan ~Tokyo 3Rs Project~ is an environmental activity implemented by each school as the Tokyo 2020 Games draws near and environmental-consious activities are increasingly expected of the society as a whole. Each school applies the previous efforts and the children themselves set specific action objectives on the 3Rs.

Description of Project

  1. (1)Infants, children and students set an specific action objective on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) based on activities related to environmental conservation that each school has been implementing so far.
  2. (2)Each school promotes self-motivated activities based on the goals of infants, children and students in collaboration with families and the community
  3. (3)The Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education has created and distributed to all the public schools in Tokyo a poster on which students can write their action objectives and descriptions of activities.
School Action "Mottainai" Plan Poster (PDF: 5.90MB) ポスター
  • Reduce :
    Efforts to reduce the amount of waste being generated
  • Reuse :
    Efforts to reuse items that are no longer being used
  • Recycle :
    Efforts to recycle resources and use them again

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