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Smile Project

What is the Smile Project?

A project for children to improve their understanding of the personalities and characters of each other, and to develop feelings of consideration for others through spectating and experiencing sports for the people with impairments, and exchange through activities such as sports between schools for special needs education and regional schools.

Supporting Schools Paralympic Games

Supporting School Paralympic Games

In hosting the Tokyo 2020 Games, certain schools are chosen to spectate and experience selected Paralympic Games, and participate in activities such as volunteering within primary and middle schools in order to promote understanding and spreading awareness about people with impairments.

Content of Activities

In collaboration with Paralympic sports organizations, ① Spectate parasports ② Experience parasports ③ Create an annual activity plan ④ Volunteer at parasports events ⑤ Also, conduct activities to understand and become aware of the competitions. Promote understanding towards parasports and people with impairments in order to raise children who are familiar with and will be supportive of Paralympic sports even after the Tokyo 2020 Games.

Details about the Icons

Parasports Exchange Conference Tokyo Metropolitan Public Schools

Parasports Exchange Conference Tokyo Metropolitan Public Schools

By participating in this event efforts are being made to futher deepen understanding of people with impairments and sports for people with impairments through interaction with children in special needs education schools (physically impaired / visually impaired) and children in primary, middle and high schools.

Parasports hands on exchanges in collaboration with Tohoku

Parasports hands on exchanges in collaboration with Tohoku

In addition to spreading awareness for parasports, joint parasports interchange between students in public schools in Tokyo and public schools in other prefectures are being conducted.

Exchange programme content

  1. Learning in advance
    • Learning through research (Research about each other's cities and parasports)
    • Exchanges in advance(Exchange video letters showing each other's school life ((singing their school song etc.))
  2. Exchange activities on the day of the event

    Implement activities such as exchanging lectures, competition experiences, and singing in chorus by the participating schools.

  3. Learning after the event

    Exchange of reports and video letters to develop long-lasting exchange activities.

Introduction of activities

A joint parasport experience event with Higashifukasawa Middle School in Setagaya (Tokyo) and Yamashita Middle School in Ishinomaki (Miyagi Prefecture) was conducted. Please take a look at the summarized report about the exchange.

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