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Dream and Future Project

What is the Dream and Future Project?

A programme to further enhance Olympic and Paralympic education by dispatching athletes such as Olympians and Paralympians to schools to have direct interactions with infants, children and students to realise the remarkableness of sports and to help them strive toward their dreams and hopes.

Basic flow of the programme

【1st Period】 Lecture / Q & A / Group photo (all grades) 【2nd Period】 【3rd Period】 Practical instructions / Learning through experience (target grade) (If possible) Interaction over lunch and coaching club activities
  • Tama-shiritu Tama Daiichi Elementary School
  • To-ritu Jonan Special Support School
  • Chuo-kritu Tsukishima Daisan Elementary School
  • Arakawa-kuritu Minami-senju Daini Kindergarten
  • Ota-kuritu cherry tree Elementary School Ademir Santos
  • Tokyo-toritu Koto Commercial High School_Justin Herald

YOKOSO Olympians visit schools

"YOKOSO" Programme

A Programme where Japanese Olympians or prominent instructors are dispatched to schools to have special lectures, competition introductions and practical instructions that aim to help childrem find their dreams, hopes and inspirations and to nurture their motivation for self-actualization and in the face of difficulties.

Welcome Foreign athletes visit schools

"Welcome" Programme

A programme where foreign athletes living in Japan are dispatched to schools to promote international understanding through interection with foreigners and to increase interests in sports by introducing foreign cultures / customs and by intereacting through sports.

Challenge Myself Paralympians visit schools

"Challenge Yourself" Programme

A programme where Japanese Paralympians or prominent instructors are dispatched to schools to give special lectures and classes to experience sports for people with impairments, aiming to increase the interest of students toward sports for people with impairments such as the Paralympic Games, and to deepen their understanding of people with impairments.

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